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G-nome Project w/s/g Mushroom Cloud

We are so excited to have the G-Nome Project at The Acoustic this fall. This is a band that has been on our wish list for a long time. Come check out the magic!!!

Tour Opener at the Acoustic with the Mushroom Cloud!!!
 Tuesday, October 24th, 2017
 21+ | Doors: 7PM | Show: 8:30PM

G-Nome Project is Israels premier Livetronica band. Formed in September 2012, G-Nome Project is rapidly building one of the most loyal fan bases in the country, packing venues to capacity in their home city, Jerusalem, and expanding rapidly to the heart of the artistic scene in Israels center in greater Tel Aviv. The band is comprised from a super group of four nationally renowned musiciansZechariah Reich, Chemy Soibelman, Shlomo Langer and Eyal Salomonwho each bring a distinctive flavor to the dynamic electro-funk palate of this Jerusalem-based quartet. G-Nome Project is the product of their longstanding musical vision to form an ensemble focused heavily on improvisation while blending elements of electronica, dance, and funk into progressive original compositionsa style that has been coined Grilled Cheese Funk at its finest. Fans of many colors flock to the bands shows for the music, good vibes, and hardcore dancing that exemplify the character of the G-Nome community.

 Keyboard / Eyal Salomon
 Bass / Zechariah Reich
 Drums / Chemy Soibelman
 Guitar / Shlomo Langer