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7:00 pm19:00

Big Something w/s/g Jose Oyola & The Astronauts

A 6 piece powerhouse with a sound that is both unique and timeless, BIG Something fuses elements of rock, pop, funk, and improvisation to take listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles. It's no secret why this group has quickly become one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the Southeast. Soaring guitars, synths, horns and alluring vocal hooks rise to the top of their infectious collection of songs and represent a sound that has caught the ears of such revered Summer circuit stalwarts as Galactic, moe., Robert Randolph, and even The B52s who have all tapped Big Something as direct support.

The group's most recent release and 3rd full-length studio album - Truth Serum – was recorded with the help of Grammy-nominated producer John Custer. Cut almost entirely live in the studio, Truth Serum, is a great snapshot of the magic the band is capable of creating on stage. The album, which also features an appearance from DJ Logic, was named 2014 Album of the Year by The Homegrown Music Network, which makes Big Something the only band ever to win this award 3 times with 3 different releases (2010, 2013, and 2014). 

7:00 pm19:00

Tracy Jo & The Toads Free Fall Residency w/s/g Brian Dolzani!

We are excited to announce the start of our FREE Fall Residency every wednesday starting 9/14!!!
The Acoustic is thrilled to have Tracy Jo & The Toads headlining each week with a variety of opening acts from all genres of music.

Tracy Jo and the gang are one of our favorite local groups.
They are on their way to big things with their sweet songwriting, excellent musicianship and right choice in covers!!

Joining us this week we have one of the best known local troubadours who travels up and down the coast sharing his gift. The music of Connecticut singer/songwriter Brian Dolzani has been called ‘medicine for the soul’ (Lonesome Noise) and ‘remarkably affecting’ (No Depression). Brian tours Nationally and has shared the stage with James McCartney, Bill Payne, The Black Lillies, Freedy Johnson, and many others. Brian’s latest album is ‘A Place That I Can Feel’, released in June 2015. 

Special Happy Hour Wednesday from 7-close w/ specials on
Tall Boys
Craft Drafts
and much more

Support live local music!

8:00 pm20:00

Bella's Bartok

Calling all Strange Ones! Vaudevillain folk punk powerhouse Bella's Bartokis coming to The Acoustic in Bridgeport,CT on Friday 9/30! Prepare yourselves for an insane night of music and dancing. Are you ready for this?

Bella's Bartok (
To understand Bella’s Bartok, imagine what you would get if Salvador Dali and Toulouse Lautrec were fronting the Moulin Rouge's house band, and you have the exuberant spectacle that is Bella's Bartok. Described as "about as much fun as you can have with your pants on" (Dan Wolovick, Two Way Monologues), this 6-piece powerhouse melds Bohemian Klezmer Punk with pop sensibilities into an eminently danceable party. The diversity of musicians that make up Bella's Bartok, combined with their boundless energy on stage, has been known to break a dancefloor, or two (or three, but who's counting?). 

Bella’s Bartok’s sound moves way beyond labels, pushing the envelope towards the darker side of Eastern European music, referencing vaudeville and 20th century eclecticism. Bella's Bartok shows not only entertain, but they invite you to partake in the wild party they are having on stage. Quite simply put- this is the band you should never miss, ever.

8:00 pm20:00

BAM! (Beau, Adrian, Mikey) w/ The Fritz

What happens when Adrian from Kung Fu picks up a guitar, joins up with fellow ninja Beau Sasser on keys, and Mikey from Turkuaz on skins? BAM! That's what happens. 

And then we add The Fritz into the mix and make this an epic double header where anything can and will happen. Don't miss a note!

8:00 pm20:00

Moon Hooch

I’m realizing more and more every day that you can make anything happen for yourself if you really want to,” says Moon Hooch horn player Mike Wilbur. “You can change your existence by just going out and doing it, by taking simple actions every day.”

If any band is a poster child for turning the power of positive thoughts and intention into reality, it’s the explosive horn-and-percussion trio Moon Hooch. In just a few short years, the group—Wilbur, fellow horn player Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler—has gone from playing on New York City subway platforms to touring with the likes of Beats Antique, They Might Be Giants, and Lotus, as well as selling out their own headline shows in major venues around the country. On ‘Red Sky,’ their third and most adventurous album to date, the band uses everything they’ve learned from their whirlwind journey to push their sound to new heights, bringing together the raw, transcendent energy of their live performances and the sleek sophistication of their studio work into a singular, intoxicating brew that blends elements of virtuosic jazz, groovy funk, and pulse-pounding electronic dance music.

5:00 pm17:00

The Alternate Routes with Special Guest Stephen Kellogg (SOLD OUT)

Sold OUT! We are excited to announce that we will be performing as part of the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence on September 25th, at The Acoustic in Bridgeport CT. Our very good friend Stephen Kellogg will join us that night for a special solo(ish) set. 

The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence is a series of concerts and live events across the country taking place on September 25th, 2016 to remember and raise awareness for victims of gun violence. 

If you are not in the CT area, we will also be streaming parts of the show through social media. More info to come on that. 

Hope you can join us!

9:00 pm21:00

Rooster Bone & Electric Mayhem

Come to The Acoustic for your Rooster Bone fix. Electric Mayhem is opening and it's going to be a BLAST!!!

9:30 - 11:00...Electric Mayhem
11:00 - 1:30...Rooster Bone

Rooster Bone:
Angie Conlon - Vocals, Percussion
Sean Conlon - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Todd Johns - Bass Guitar
Mark Scanlon - Violin
Gary "Chops" McConnie - Mandolin
Rob Blaney - Keyboards
Michael Ryan - Drums/Percussion

Electric mayhem is a four piece, psychedelic Jam-style band from New Haven county. Back in 1998, five life-long friends, frustrated from former projects, decided it was time to put their experience and passion for music together to make something funky and energetic.

In that moment, Electric Mayhem was born and began their journey of musical synergy. Influenced from the tail end of the Grateful Dead era, their music combines jazz and funk elements infused with other styles of music with one purpose: to simply JAM OUT. Mayhem has played at Toads Place, The Acoustic, Outer Space and other venues around the state. Along with packed-out solo shows, they have opened the likes of Shakedown, JGB, Tower of Power, The Wailers, Jen durkin, and The Allman Brothers. Feel free to enjoy the music posted frequently on the site and submerse yourselves in the musical Mayhem !!!

8:00 pm20:00

Ghost-Note featuring "Sput", Nate and Justin from Snarky Puppy & Mono Neon

Ask anyone who was at our first hit from Ghost Note and they'll tell you it was one of the best shows of the year. A truly unique experience featuring an exploration of all things with a groove. And this time out they've put together an even more intriguing lineup with Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy) on keys, Dywane MonoNeon Thomas Jr. (Prince) on bass,Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II (Prince) on sax, and Jonathan Mones (Funky Knuckles) on sax. We will be groovin' our a$$es off, and having an absolute ball on stage.

Come join the party. 

8:00 pm20:00

Strange Machines w/ special guest Eggy!

Fusing a plethora of genres to form their own fresh and original sound, Strange Machines have set high standards for their musical aspirations. Combining soulful melodies and catchy hooks with intricate instrumentation and upbeat improvisation, they have created a unique and progressive sound that radiates with listeners and keeps audiences captivated from beginning to end. Strange Machines have an impressive resume, playing to packed rooms and upping the ante with every show. They have shared the stage with national-touring acts such as Dopapod, Twiddle, Deep Banana Blackout, Turkuaz, Kung Fu, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, John Brown's Body, Lotus, Lettuce, Consider The Source, Spiritual Rez, and more. Strange Machines have carved out their own niche in the northeast music scene and show no signs of slowing down, ever pushing the sonic envelope.

8:00 pm20:00

Jay Stollman Band Featuring Matt Schofield w/s/g Paul Gabriel & Howard Eldridge

Jay Stollman is back and he is bringing in some heavy hitters to his favorite CT venue.
Rock, Blues, Funk etc.. You name it he does it and better then all the rest! if this show wasn't already going to be a blast with Matt Schofield, Scott Spray, Jeremy Goldsmith and Tommy Nagy on board....NOW, it's just been announced that my old friends Paul Gabriel andHoward Eldridge will be performing with us. Better get tickets. This will be a full house.

JAY STOLLMAN - (Johnny Winter All-Star Band)

MATT SCHOFIELD - 3 Time British Blues Hall of Fame Guitarist of the Year

SCOTT SPRAY - (Johnny Winter Band)

''In an election year, superlatives are hard to avoid. But if you are a Blues lover and truly want to experience some real "Power and Glory," you need to see Jay Stollman, Matt Schofield and Scott Spray. When Jay, Matt and Scott-- all award winners in their own right-- come together for a special tour, it is an event not to be missed."


8:00 pm20:00

Tom Hamilton's American Babies

American Babies defies easy categorization. The Philadelphia-based band shapeshifts between Americana, psych-tinged indie rock and classic rock—leading them to spots opening for Bruce Hornsby, Greensky Bluegrass, the New Mastersounds and the Felice Brothers, as well as appearances at Gathering Of The Vibes, Electric Forest, Bonnaroo and the Allman Brothers-founded Peach Festival.

With such a chameleonic existence, it's unsurprising that American Babies founder/principal member Tom Hamilton's guiding creative principle is very simple: He doesn't like to repeat himself artistically. For the multi-instrumentalist, this mindset stems from a deep-seated need to always keep pushing himself as a musician—to delve into different lyrical themes and musical detours, and to explore potentially uncomfortable and unfamiliar emotional places.     

"After you stop writing songs about standard things, then you're left with who you really are as an artist," he says. "Maybe you have to dig deeper into yourself, and talk about some shit that maybe you don't really feel comfortable talking about—or that you're not even ready to talk about. But that's what you're left with, if you keep challenging yourself.

"For me, that's where I am I my career. I'm trying to find the deeper things inside, and to start scratching those itches and opening up those doors that I didn't even really know were there."

Hamilton certainly dug deep when he and musical collaborator Peter Tramo started writing American Babies' fourth studio album, An Epic Battle Between Light And Dark. The record ended up evolving into an introspective collection that's a "meditation on mood," Hamilton says. "A meditation on dealing with having a hard time. Dealing with that constant struggle of confidence and doubt, that struggle of depression, anxiety and comfort."

The impetus for these themes was the sudden August 2014 death of Robin Williams, whose approach to comedy and acting—specifically, his penchant for improvisation and a dislike of repeating material—resonated strongly with Hamilton. "I consider myself a survivor of depression—I got through my late teens and twenties in spite of it, basically," he says. "When Robin Williams passed away, that was a heavy, heavy thing for myself. Topically, we started to explore dealing with depression and what a common thing it is these days. It was something that really hit home."

Hamilton admits the weightiness of this topic at first gave him pause—"Talking about mental illness and how we've experienced it or have dealt with it in others is a pretty fucking heavy thing. I wondered, 'Is that really a road I want to go down?'"—but once he and Tramo finished the album's first two songs, the War on Drugs-meets-Springsteen surge "Synth Driver," and the synthesizer-stacked, disco-tinged pop tune "Oh Darling," he knew they were on the right track.

"'Synth Driver' and 'Oh Darling' had two very unique grooves to them," Hamilton says. "That was the first marker of success for us. They have these really cool drum feels that affect you viscerally. These songs just opened the floodgates for the rest of the record, basically, and gave us direction as far as where we were going with it, sonically and lyrically."

Indeed, An Epic Battle Between Light And Dark is a dense record predicated on unexpected sonic detours. In addition to its '80s influences, "Oh Darling" boasts eerie, soulful harmonies and a keening guitar solo reminiscent of Pink Floyd; "What Does It Mean To Be" is an exquisite example of Bowie-esque glam-funk; and "Bring It In Close" possesses a languid, jazzy cabaret vibe. The record's arrangements, meanwhile, masterfully stitch together disparate influences: The brisk "Fever Dreams" starts and ends with horn-peppered twang-rock—but boasts a sparse, pedal steel-augmented bridge that's straight-up vintage country—while the instrumental "Not In A Million Years" segues from zoned-out psychedelic rhythms and grooves into a hard-charging coda with firecracker-reminiscent electronic effects.

Despite its diverse sounds, An Epic Battle Between Light And Dark is a remarkably cohesive record. Hamilton attributes this to the fact that most of the record was created in one place, Philadelphia's Lorelei Studios—a space that he and Tramo had spent well over a year updating with new gear and a customized layout—and to the album's underlying swagger. "Most of the tunes on the record, the grooves all feel pretty good, and they're all different. They all share a familiarity of making your body want to move a little bit. For me personally, that's a sign of a record I want to listen to."


Hamilton comes by his love of the groove honestly: For starters, he's been drumming since he was five years old. But since 2013, he's also played in the Grateful Dead tribute band Joe Russo's Almost Dead, while in 2014, he was invited to join Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann’s new band, Billy & The Kids. For good measure, Hamilton has also played with the Dead's Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart "in various combinations" in recent times, and he was a founding member of beloved jamtronica pioneers Brothers Past.


Being immersed in the Dead universe and songbook in particular had a profound impact on An Epic Battle Between Light And Dark—namely, Hamilton was adamant that the album didn't reflect his extracurricular musical activities. "I didn't want to come out and make a record that sounded like I'd been playing the Grateful Dead's music for the last two years," he says. "If you want to honor somebody that you really look up to or love, or somebody that influenced you, don't imitate them. That's the most insulting thing you could do.

8:00 pm20:00

Dead Show w/s/g David Gans (Host of The Grateful Dead Hour)

David Gans, host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Grateful Dead Hour, guests with Dead Show. Dead Show is an exciting new Grateful Dead tribute band from Northern Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Find out why people who experience Dead Show are having such a good time...and once you're on board, please pass the word along. Peace!

Dead Show is: 
Kent Oldham - Bass, Vocals
Brian "Duke" Konopka - Drums
Mark Paradis - Guitar, Vocals
Rand Laverty - Keys, Vocals
Jeff Martinson - Guitar, Vocals

8:00 pm20:00

Elise Testone Presents Thankful For Amy - All-Star Tribute to Amy Winehouse

American Idol Finalist, singer/songwriter Elise Testone will be joined by an all-star line-up for Thankful For Amy a tribute to Amy Winehouse at The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT on September 9th.

This show comes on the heels of successful Thankful For Amy shows at Underground Arts, a sold out show at Lucille's at BB Kings, The Howard Theater, and Howlin' Wolf during Jazz Fest. 

The band will consist of Natalie Cressman (trombone, Trey Anastasio Band), Jay Rodriguez (saxophone, Groove Collective), Clynt Yerkes (trumpet, Charles Bradley), Adam Fallen (guitar, Skylar Grey), Trey Cooper (keyboard), Jed Lingat (bass), Sydney Driver (drums, Rhythm & Stealth), and Sami Stevens (vocals)

The Acoustic doors will open at 8:30pm and tickets are $15adv/$20dos and will consist of two sets, the first set consisting of the Thankful For Amy tribute and second set consisting of Elise Testone's original music.

8:00 pm20:00

Rockin for Damon Runyan Cancer Research featuring Band Together

Band Together founders Jerry Vigorito and Rob Fried bring you a summer's end dance party which will include popular funk and rock music all to support the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.  This incredible night of music and purpose features Connecticut's own standout musicians, Fuzz, Cyrus Madan and Rob Somerville of Deep Banana Blackout, Tracy James, Barry Blumenfield and Chris Pike along with Jerry and Rob.  Join a most extraordinary benefit concert and enjoy a night of rock and funk you won't soon forget. 
“The feel good nature of the Band Together thing is indescribable” .... The New York Times

8:00 pm20:00

Danny Mayer Trio w/ Jen Durkin & The Business, Chaser Eight

Danny Mayer Trio (feat. members of Eric Krasno Band, Turkuaz and The Nth Power) will be throwing down at The Acoustic with Jen Durkin and the Business on September 2nd!

Danny Mayer Trio
Danny Mayer has been through endless coast to coast journeys alongside Alan Evans (Soulive) and Beau Sasser (Kung Fu) in The Alan Evans Trio. He has spent over a decade of touring, writing and recording with his own On The Spot Trio. He’s shared the stage with members of Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, The New Mastersounds, Trey Anastasio Band, Ryan Montbleau and many more in countless collaborations. In addition from recently joining the Eric Krasno (Soulive/Lettuce) Band, Danny Mayer has funneled his raw musicality and grounded spirituality into a trio of his own with a name that is as straightforward and lucid as the music itself. The Danny Mayer Trio, aka DMT, has created a sound that transcends beyond rock n’ roll while maintaining roots in funk. The band features Michelangelo Carubba (Turkuaz) on drums and Nate Edgar (The Nth Power, John Brown’s Body) on bass alongside Mayer on guitar. This band has seamlessly come onto the scene this year having already shared the stage with bands such as Kung Fu, Tom Hamilton’s American Babies, and many more. In addition to the core trio, Danny has also welcomed guest vocalists Shira Elias (Turkuaz) and Mary Corso (Eric Krasno Band) to the band. With their angelic presence and vocal prowess paired with the trio’s unadulterated musical chemistry, this band has truly created something new that you need to see to believe.

8:00 pm20:00

Flux Capacitor

Emerging from the Pennsylvania music scene, from the outskirts of the City of Brotherly Love, is the phenom band known as Flux Capacitor. Their fiery, distinct sound has catapulted the group with lightning speed into the National Music Scene.
This band of brothers consistently inspire and evoke a new and wildly addicting sound resonating with elements of rock, improvisation and electronica. They redefine musicality with positive prophetic vocals, complex guitar work, innovative keys/synths/bass stylings, with feverish syncopated drum rhythms. Flux Capacitor concerts are filled with improvisation, musical segues, spontaneous covers, and teases creating a unique, one of a kind experience at every performance. The essence of the brothers music is fueled by their dedicated practice of meditation and lucid dreaming which keeps them fueled by a higher power. Their electric vibe transcends the stage and extends into the crowd creating a magical musical ambience.

Flux Capacitor have grown tremendously since the bands inception in 2007. From a hand full of shows to playing hundreds of shows, and fine tuning their craft culminating in their first full length release 2009`s "They Know We Know" and subsequent tour from Pa to Chicago Il playing 15 shows made possible through their fast growing buzz and fan-base through the internet and roots promotion. This first tour resulted in strong internet sales on iTunes and CdBaby helping to broaden their fanbase. In 2011 the brothers were invited to Seattle to work with Jack Endino for their second Release "Monolith". Following that release the band spent all of 2011 and 2012 Touring with 11 Dates throughout the UK and Canada and over 45 Shows outside their home region. Flux Capacitor won Jam Band of the Year at the highly esteemed 2013 TriState Indie awards in Philadelphia PA and has been nominated once again for this distinction in 2014. Flux has recently released their third album "Cycle 9" showcasing the band's most ambitious and epic material to date. "Cycle 9" was recorded with John Becker of Anomalous Audio. All three Flux Capacitor Cd's are available on iTunes, CDbaby and as well as many record stores around the east coast. Flux is a dedicated family group that believes in music, joy and consciousness. Under these guiding principles Flux Capacitor has seen nothing but growth giving killer performances and creating ecstatic dance floors at every show.

Flux Has Shared The Stage With Umphrey`s McGee, Railroad Earth, Keller Williams, Rusted Root, The New Mastersounds, Tea Leaf Green, Karl Denson`s Tiny Universe, Ozomatli, Conspirator, Stanton Moore, JGB with Melvin Seals, Particle, David Grisman Quartet, Ivan Neville`s Dumpstaphunk, Kung Fu, Papadosio, the Movement, Splintered Sunlight, Dangermuffin, Lukas Nelson and many, many more!

8:00 pm20:00

RokVictim presents "Extinction AD (NY), Oath and Entierro"

RokVictim presents a righteous night of Heavy Metal at The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT, Saturday, August 27th, 2016 featuring...

Extinction AD (Long Island, NY)

"Extinction A.D., comprised of front-man Rick Jimenez and ex-This Is Hell bandmates Pieter van den Berg and Mike Sciulara, as well as Long Island native, Ian Cimaglia, deliver a fresh, energetic thrash attack, showing true love for early greats; old Testament, Slayer and Metallica, while dazzling with 2016 power and precision.

The band formed in 2013 and has been releasing music and touring steadily since, as seen with Unearth, Municipal Waste, Havok, Testament, Exodus, Shadows Fall, From Autumn To Ashes, Toxic Holocaust, Kvelertak, Nuclear Assault, Venom, D.R.I., The Red Chord, Bane, Act Of Defiance, Cro-Mags, Voivod, Vision of Disorder and many more."
-Endless Fight Records

Oath (Milford, CT)

"Hailing from New York, and Connecticut, OATH blends elements of old school thrash and metalcore into a fresh new aggressive sound for today's stagnant scene.
Time for the new hounds to take over.. Will you join us?"

Entierro (New Haven, CT)

"Originally formed as Treebeard in 2010, Entierro is a collective of New Haven and Waterbury vets that converged to play heavy and melodic songs with groove and melody that shows off their love of classic heavy metal AND modern doom. The sound is focused on heavy drum and bass interplay with twin guitars weaving in and out of riffs with strong clean vocals swelling into roars as the song dynamics change. 

They have played extensively through the northeast and have released 2 EP's, readying for an upcoming full length. Entierro is Christopher Taylor Beaudette (Nightbitch, Kingdom of Sorrow) on lead vocals and bass, Javier Canales (Bad Lieutenants, Javier & Los DishDogs) on guitar and backing vocals, Christopher Begnal on guitar and Dave Parmelee (Sperm Donor, NightBitch) on drums." 

Show starts at 9pm, 21 plus. $6 dollars at the door. Don't miss this one!!

8:00 pm20:00

Bluegrass & Beer Presents - Farewell To G Party

Bluegrass & Beer in August will be a going away party for G Rockwell. Stop in and see one of Connecticut's finest young talents before he goes off on an educational adventure. (He's going away to school). Bring your instruments but be prepared to get blown away by G.

8:00 pm20:00

WPKN "Underground" Presents Live at the Acoustic

A benefit concert for WPKN radio 89.5fm
$10 suggested donation at door

Jack Wilder- Brooklyn-based rock and soul band 

Barncat Productions- 

Lucas Brode- composer & guitarist 

Slime Rats- a collaboration between the amphibious man and perouse 

Jack Wilder: 
Jack Wilder is a Brooklyn-based rock and soul band fronted by singer and guitarist John Moran, a San Francisco native and alum of Berklee College of Music. The band is a new and eclectic mix of experienced players with wide and varied tastes, all of which contribute to one coherent, funky sound. The band performs original music, but draws from a set of covers that gives them a deep knowledge of different styles.Collectively, the members of the band have played in bars and venues across the Northeast, building experience to prepare them for their upcoming performances together. Notably Will Kencel of Blue Avenue Groove.
check out:

Lucas Brode (solo):
Lucas Brode, a native of New York’s Hudson Valley, is a guitarist & composer who draws from jazz harmony, experimental rock textures, and African rhythms. In addition to studying jazz guitar and composition, he spent several years learning percussive concepts from traditional Ghanian master drummer, Yacub Addy. Lucas often performs solo, leads his own jazz-fusion group, Spying, co-leads the Post-Rock / Math-Rock hybrid Hannibal Montana, and is an active performer and improviser in the NYC and Hudson Valley experimental music scenes.
check out: 

Barncat Productions:
Born in the beautiful Berkshire County, Barncat Productions is a collective of musicians, poets and artists, coming together at Hammy Down Studios in Housatonic, MA. 
check out:

Tombtone Records:
TombTone Records is nothing more than a few strange humans making strange tapes in their living room. Headed by the founding members of The Amphibious Man, Tombtone Records produces and distributes cassette tape releases from area and national bands. Based in Hartford, CT Tombtone Records is quickly becoming a force in the underground music scene.
check out: 

Jujufroot Cooperative:
Jujufroot cooperative is for eclectic musicians and artists to showcase low print releases in various formats. Head by John Budrow jujufroot releases 8 track, tape, lathe cut records and various other forms of recording technologies. Dwelling within the realms of the wierd and avant garde jujufroot coop has gained an international audience and several write up in overseas blogs and online periodicals. 
check out:

Slime Rats:
A once in a lifetime collarboration between the members of the amphibious man and perouse (aka captain ishmael aka shop band aka ttt aka etc etc..) will begin the evening with John Budrow on bass and modular synthizers, Sam Hopkins on saxophones, Vinny Audinot on trombone, Jake Downey on electric bass, Shaun Burns on drums and Mike Mrybeck on guitar.
check out:

8:00 pm20:00

Bad Pony (featuring members of God Street Wine, Zen Tricksters)


Bad Pony features:
Jon Bevo - God Street Wine
Dave Diamond - Assembly of Dust, Zen Tricksters, Dave Diamond Band
Lizzy Kates - John K Band
Aaron Maxwell - God Street Wine
Dan Pifer - God Street Wine

Bad Pony brings together the decades of touring and recording experience of Bevo, Diamond, Maxwell, Pifer, and Kates. The band will draw on music from their collective histories, as well as familiar covers and some newly worked out original material.

8:00 pm20:00

A Grateful Eve - featuring Music Never Stopped and Desert Rain

MUSIC NEVER STOPPED will be joined by DESERT RAiN, a band celebrating their 30th Anniversary, and a great jamband that has played recently with Ed MAnn of Frank Zappa, as well as Mark Mercier of Max Creek, as we bring you a night of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and the music they covered. 


Rob Glassman on Guitar (RGB)
John Spignesi on Guitar (JSB/OFF THE DOME)
Tim Morse on Bass (RGB)
Emmett Hale on Drums (RGB/NEYBAHS) 
Chris Andrews on drums (Desert Rain/Sticky Greens/Bro's D) 
and Greg Marshall (The Garcia Project)

8:00 pm20:00

The Magic Beans

The Magic Beans have finally made their way back to Bridgeport. Come see what the hype is about!
The Magic Beans are band with a passion for music that is as infectious as their songs, both of which have gained them national notoriety in a short time. Much like modern music lovers, the band’s sound isn’t confined to one-genre. The Beans strive to be as inclusive as possible by skirting the lines between many genres within their unique sound. Music can encompass so many different feels and emotions. That is why the group strives to pull from many unique influences and include music that moves both your mind and feet. Listeners are left with a danceable ode to funk, rock, bluegrass, livetronica, americana, world, prog, and more. Their fans, “Team Bean”, have effectively dubbed the genres they hear as spacefunk, ameritronica, and groovegrass. The group uses no pre-recorded tracks or samples in favor of a more traditional approach to music; original songwriting and continually pushing the envelope are what have set this group apart. Whether you like ballads or bangers, the Beans have something you will enjoy. Seamlessly combining clever songwriting with modern dance music, The Magic Beans strive to be original and expressive in a world where everything’s been done.

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute from Mike Cusato Band), w/s/g Crystal Hippo!
8:00 pm20:00

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute from Mike Cusato Band), w/s/g Crystal Hippo!

Big Me

If you are a lover all things Foo then you won't want to miss this show- BIG ME Ct's preeminent Foo Fighters tribute band returns to The Acoustic for a blistering evening of music August 13th! Songs span 20 years of Foo history, from 1995's self titled album through 2015's Saint Cecilia. We will take a tour of all sides of Sir Grohl's songwriting. With big guitars, soaring vocals and a drummer who can give THawk a run for his money, these guys will satisfy your Foo craving. Be sure to bring an extra pair of socks, because this band plans to rock yours off!

Crystal Hippo

Sometimes, the flow is what you go with. This way out new group is the result of exactly that. Playing previously unreleased material written by Perrouna in the 90's and a handful of sweet numbers blended in for flavour. A moment in time to be savoured. 

Directly following Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute from Mike Cusato Band)

The Crystal Hippo is:
Michael Colavolpe - Guitar/Vocals
William Earley - Guitar/Vocals
Ellie Klein - Keys
Frank Perrouna - Bass/Vocals
Rebecca Webster - Drums

8:00 pm20:00

Sons Of F.U.N.K. w/s/g Together We Overcome


Friday August 12th Sons Of F.U.N.K. returns to Bridgeport Connecticut with special appearances from the Funk Fam and opening the night will be Together We Overcome (T.W.O) our funk brothers from New Haven, Ct. Bring your Dancing shoes and come funk with us at our only show in Connecticut for 2016. We will funk you all night long. You wanted the funk you got the funk!

The London Souls w/s/g Jake Kulak & The Lowdown
8:00 pm20:00

The London Souls w/s/g Jake Kulak & The Lowdown


Tix on Sale 5/4!

The London Souls’ unique reinterpretation of classic hard-hitting rock and roll formulae recalls elements of the past with an ever-present boundless energy, fit to cement their place in the future.
Tash and Chris have been nothing short of a best-kept-secret among New York City concertgoers since the band’s formation in 2008, building a fervent and dynamic fan base leveraged by their ever-substantiated reputation for consistently well-rehearsed and impassioned, explosive live performances. The band’s celebrated sound and spirit draws significant influence from the driving force of British rock pioneers Cream and Led Zeppelin, to billowing and bouncing funk and soul, to the layered harmonies and memorable hooks of The Beatles and The Hollies, to the contemporary psychedelia of My Morning Jacket among many more.

8:00 pm20:00

Free* Beer Show featuring Big Moon, The Black Guise and Con Etiquette!

FREE* BEER SHOW! at the Acoustic! Yes! You did read that right. The beloved Free Beer Show is coming back August 6th! Come on out and rock out with us as we experience three amazing local bands from the area! 

*You'll recieve (1) one beer ticket with paid admission of $10.

Con Etiquette

Big Moon

The Black Guise

+21 Over / $10 Cover / Drink Specials

The Nth Power
8:00 pm20:00

The Nth Power

Proving that soul music can be exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, The Nth Power is on a mission to share the light. Formed during an impromptu late-night jam at Jazz Fest 2012 in New Orleans, the relentlessly funky and soulful band believes in music as a higher power -- tapping into an energy that is simultaneously sexy and spiritual, with songs that will inspire audiences to dance, groove, make love or just stand there with goose bumps. 

The quintet hails from diverse musical backgrounds, races and creeds. Female powerhouse Nikki Glaspie was Beyonce’s world-touring drummer for five years before she joined Ivan Neville’s New Orleans funk outfit, Dumpstaphunk. Bassist Nate Edgar of Groovechild and John Brown’s Body perfectly compliments Singer and Guitarist Nick Cassarino who came from the Jennifer Hartswick Band and toured with Big Daddy Kane. Next add West African Master-Percussionist, Weedie Braimah to the mix with his insurmountable world beat rhythms. Finally rounding off the ensemble is the newest and youngest member, Courtney J’Mell Smith who brings his soulful vocals and keyboard abilities to the table.

"Just know that when you hear this music, you're going to feel something -- you're going to connect with something higher than yourself," explains Braimah.

The Nth Power's 2013 independent EP, Basic Minimum Skills Test, showcases a first glimpse of the spark shared among the group, delivering gospel-style vocals with soul, jazz, funk and world-beat riffs in nearly mathematical fashion. 

"It's my dream team," said Glaspie. "Each one of us is a songwriter, so when we get together, everything becomes that much stronger." Beyond raw skill, however, Glaspie cites a deep spiritual connection as the glue that binds them together. "Music is what brought us together, but it's the spiritual bond that makes us play so in touch with each other," she explained.

And at the core of their vibe is a deviously simple concept -- the healing power of love.

Following The Nth Power's 2013 debut, their inspirational sets floored audiences at music festivals like Electric Forest, Bear Creek, Catskill Chill and North Coast Music Festival. In just the last six months, the group has performed more than 50 shows in 21 states across the US, and made their second international appearance at Australia's Caloundra Music Festival on their 2014 "Fall In Love Tour."

Although the band members are based across the East Coast, they maintain New Orleans as their "spiritual home," and the celebratory essence of that city's music culture is audible in each performance.

Simply put, there is something pretty magical happening in this band, and they're only just getting started. "We're going as far as you can go on the planet Earth and playing music," explains Glaspie. "I don't know how many times we've said it — we are so blessed."

8:00 pm20:00

Broca's Area w/s/g Pearl

Broca's Area is a four piece future soul band based out of Hartford, Connecticut that is a unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and soul music. Pushing the envelope of these styles towards jazz gives you the multi-dimensional, polyrhythmic band that is Broca's Area. Serving their audiences with their soulful lead singer (Mary Corso) who delivers warm breathy vocals reminding you of the classic school of neo-soul. The core band arrangements are a keyboards-bass-drum trio that’s bringing tight grooves influenced by the Blue Note catalog. Broca's Area serves its audiences with high energetic performances of original compositions and unique covers honoring some of the greats from J Dilla to Jill Scott. This is what makes Broca's Area diverse and multi-dimensional. Broca's Area has shared the stage with bands such as Mad Satta, West End Blend, Mammal Dap, Kenny Hamber Revue, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, Midnight Snack and many other artists in the scene.

8:00 pm20:00

Beau Sasser's Escape Plan w/s/g Jesus On The Mainline

Beau Sasser's Escape Plan is back at The Acoustic for another evening of high octane boogaloo FUNK! Jesus on the Mainline will be starting the night off right as well! See you there!

If the fabled Dr. Funkenstein set out to make a two-headed, ivory tickling, guitar ripping, gut busting, crowd slaying monster and a catastrophic disaster in the lab went perfectly wrong, Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan would be the byproduct. Beau has assembled dueling guitarists, Danny Mayer (Alan Evans’ Playonbrother, On The Spot Trio) and Justin Henricks (Groovestick), Bill Carbone on drums (Max Creek, Z3), as well as the lovely vocalist, Mary Corso, to craft a perfect brew of organ driven, hard-hittin’, boogaloo rooted power funk with a rock ’n’ roll spirit. This Northampton, MA based 5-piece funk machine is a happy accident that has come out of the lab with a mission and won’t be stopped anytime soon. 

A fifteen piece rag-tag group of New York's finest young musicians, Jesus On The Mainline has played to capacity crowds since their inception in late 2013. Led by GRAMMY-nominated musician Andrew Neesley, their music is reminiscent of The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, The Black Crowes, with a dash of Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin for good measure. Listen for their epic soul cover of Nirvana's "Lithium" and the striking original songs of Andrew Neesley and Tim Emmerick.

9 PM // 10$

8:00 pm20:00

The Hollywood Allstars, Eliot Lewis, w/s/g School of Rock!

Every time we've hosted this lineup they have brought the house down and kept the audience on their feet! Don't miss this fun mid-summer hit with some terrific special guests.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see and hear musicians who’ve performed with Sting, The Allman Brothers, Sypro Gyra, James Brown, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears and Sheryl Crow (to name just a few), in the intimate setting of one of Fairfield Counties great new Music Rooms, The Acoustic, located in the historic section of Black Rock. 

Led by Grammy Nominated Songwriter/Producer/Keyboardist & Former Epic/CBS Recording Artist “Hollywood” Steve Gaspár, The Hollywood All-star Band is a 10 Piece Collection of musicians whose credits read quite literally like a “who’s who” in Contemporary Music. All too often the term “All Stars” is used when referring to a band, but it this case the moniker truly applies. The band is led by classically trained pianist“Hollywood” Steve Gaspár on Hammond Organ and Piano, who in addition to having played& recorded with such notable “Pop/R&B” artists as B.B. King, Edgar Winter, James Brown, Peter Criss (from KISS) and Liberty DeVito from the Billy Joel band, has also appeared as piano soloist with the New Haven and Bridgeport Symphony Orchestras. In addition, Steve has written songs that can be heard on American Idol, ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and numerous artists’ albums domestically and internationally. 

Joining Steve will be Timmy Maia, Andy Abel, Eddie Torres, Dave Anderson, Joel Rosenblatt, Don Harris, Bill Harris and John Fumasoli. 

The Hollywood All-stars play an eclectic, booty shakin’ blend of Funky R&B / R&R!

Eliot Lewis from The Hall & Oates Band!

Also appearing with be The Fairfield School of Rock Senior Band and 


The THE BAND Band -  Tribute to Bob Dylan and The Band
8:00 pm20:00

The THE BAND Band - Tribute to Bob Dylan and The Band

Join us for a special celebration and tribute to THE BAND and their mentor and long-time collaborator, Bob Dylan! Tix here -->

The THE BAND Band is without a doubt the most musically satisfying tribute to The Band on the scene today. While The Band may be long gone from the stage, The THE BAND Band is keeping their sound and spirit alive and well with authentic, true-to-form renditions of their legendary repertoire. This group of veteran musicians showcases the astounding breadth and depth of The Band's distinctively original Americana music with classics such as "Up on Cripple Creek," "The Weight" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," as well as deeper cuts from The Band’s vast catalog.

For this special show, The THE BAND Band will honor the historic relationship between The Band and their long-time collaborator and mentor, Bob Dylan, by also performing some of Dylan's best-loved classics, a few favorite deep cuts, and a song or two from The Basement Tapes.