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Remember Jones

"Fiercely passionate frontman... one for the ages... holds the audience in the palm of his hand..." - LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC

"New Jersey's most ambitious song interpreter..." - Jay Lustig, NJArts/Star Ledger

Asbury Park Press "SOUL SENSATION" Remember Jones brings his 12-piece soul congregation to The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT for two slammin' sets on Saturday, May 28th.

"Remember Jones is an expert at making the past present, bringing history to life with soulful sound and funky fury." - Alex Biese, The Asbury Park Press

The band will be bringing their SOUL REVUE to town for a mix of ORIGINALS, CLASSIC SOUL, and their signature authentic recreations! You've never heard The Smashing Pumpkins jammed this way! 

Look for their forthcoming debut album, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones!" released on May 14th, featuring the single "Let 'em Look" and created through nearly 300 donations totalling $19,000, recorded LIVE with a 25-piece orchestra, and a FIVE CITY TOUR in July of their sold-out success recreating the ENTIRE Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" album, commemorating five years of Amy's passing.

"...rock and roll power vocalist... sits somewhere in between Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens" - John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly

"...simply amazing..." - Rock Chicago Magazine

Tickets are only $10! Doors at 8pm with music starting at 9!

"This man could literally sing the alphabet and give it a different spin." - New Jersey Isn't Boring

"a hunk of id who resembles a cross between Adam Lambert and Noel Coward" - Chris Jordan, The Asbury Park Press

"...consistently entices..." - Chicago Reader

"...powerhouse soul singer..." - American Songwriter Magazine

"...the vocal love-child of Tom Jones and Patti LaBelle... Remember Jones is a gifted, talented, hard working, inspired powerhouse who always – every show I’ve seen him do - brings the audience to it’s feet with his intense, exhilarating performances. I’m not kidding. You wait and see." - Glen Burtnik, Billboard chart singer/songwriter, acclaimed musician