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Alpaca Gnomes, Cousin Earth

Two of the funnest bands on the planet, joining up for 1 amazing night of dancing and musical mayhem. Violins? Ukuleles? Melodicas? Yes please! And lots and lots of beautiful music.

Alpaca Gnomes  are an original band who have recently finished their debut album, but we also enjoy playing the music of others such as:
johnny cash and bill withers. grateful dead and pearl jam. the beatles and cypress hill. Led Zeppelin and the beastie boys. tom petty and sublime.
In short, we like to mix it up.

Cousin Earth (formerly Known as Ukulelien) is a Brooklyn-based Folk/Rock/Fusion Band. With both an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, Cousin Earth spans a wide range of musical styles bringing both a sense of playfulness and technical ability to the music many people know and love. From bluegrass to electronica, this band will take any song and uke-i-fy it.