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Band of Changes (Dave Dreiwitz, Scott Metzger, Joe Russo and Chris Harford)

Band of Changes: Dave Dreiwitz, Scott Metzger, Joe Russo and Chris Harford

If you want a little background this lineup, here's a great insight from an interview with Joe Russo:

Chris Harford is one of the most amazing and influential musicians I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life. Dave [Dreiwitz] and Scott [Metzger] have been playing with him forever, and I was lucky enough to be brought into The Band Of Changes fold a good 10 plus years ago. Chris is just one of those people whose energy and passion for what he’s doing is contagious. I have rarely had more fun on stage than when I’m playing with The Band Of Changes. It’s raw, pensive, playful, painful, spirited and violent all wrapped up in one thing. I often credit playing with Chris as being a necessary part of my musical puzzle that led me to be able to do the Furthur gig. Chris thought me how to play with a singer—how to shut the hell up behind the song when I should shut the hell up—and to play with a feel I had little comfort in before my tenure with The BOC. Chris and I along, with Scott and Dave and an incredible cast of amazing musicians, had just recently completed Chris’ new record, Horn Of Plenty, and I was listening to it on a long drive and was overwhelmed with emotion while hearing Chris deliver his full heart on every song. We did a pretty great cover of Neil Young’s “Hippie Dream” on that record, and I had this vision of Chris joining us on stage with JRAD to deliver a rendition to close out the run. People need to know Chris if they don’t. He’s a true force.