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Paul T. & Edward Oberon, Burner Brothers, Elzwerth, ValDee

Paul T. & Edward Oberon, Burner Brothers, Elzwerth, ValDee
Saturday November 9th
Doors at 8pm
$10 early bird ticket // $15 regular ticket


Paul T & Edward Oberon - V Recordings, UK

Paul T & Edward Oberon
Mainstays of the V Recordings family for a good number of years now. And no wonder. They're both producers and deejays, capable of moving a dancefloor with iron-fist aggression and velvet-glove subtlety. Garnering regular airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, as well as support from the A-list of tastemaking D&B deejays and labels like Hospital and Shogun Audio, they're just as capable of delivering their emotive, molten flavours live on stage, as on record.
Tracks like "Tempt", "Surrender", "Sleepwalkers and "Stomp", show the the versatility, talent and ability of the duo, but also hint at the sheer momentum and quality they've come to be known for. As much as we hear of them, these two producers always manage to twist and contort between sub-genre pigeon-holes. If you're going to classify them as liquid, then that liquid must be lava, bringing heat and an edge of danger along with its fluid smoothness. And, trust, the dancefloor always feels it.
Following in the footsteps of 2016's "Take my Breath Away" (V Recordings & Hospital Records), and "Burning" (Shogun Audio), 2018 and 2019 saw the rise of the captivating "Moon in your Eyes", the third collaboration with V label mate Serum which soared straight to the top of the Drum and bass Charts at #1 on it's day of release. Making waves is the name of the game, and Paul and Edward are doing just that. Their mix of vintage jungle and modern, future-proofed engineering with a touch of soul has shown widespread appeal across the dance from. With highly anticipated releases in the pipeline, they're set to dominate 2019 and beyond with their unique multi-faceted production style. Having graced the stages of festivals and nights across Europe and USA, they don't show any signs of stopping.

The Burner Brothers (info incoming as you read this)

Jeff Elzwerth - M.I.A. dnb, M.A.D.E. productions, operation breakbeat

Elzwerth has been a staple of the northeast dnb scene for well over a decade, manipulating dance floors with an aggressive yet funky sound that has evolved over years of obsessive track hunting and mix studies. He's the second in command of the mighty M.A.D.E. productions, the crew responsible for the annual dnb gathering known as Junglist Massive as well the ongoing series of events known as EASY of which he functions as both resident and cohost. Elz has a mixed bag of tools at his disposal ranging from modern hard dnb to classic funky steppers and just about everything in between topped of with a bit of turntablism for good measure. CT's resident sound killer, lighters up.

Dj Valdee - M.A.D.E. Productions, Beatdown Productions, Ravers Only, Camp Bacon

I started off just asking to hang out at the end of the night and help breakdown, so I could be involved. Slowly, I learned about how events were put on and I grew a strong interest in hosting them but with no clue as to "how". I never thought I would be the one DJing them too!
"No, I'm not a DJ. I leave that to the professionals" - Val Dee '06-'07
I began learning to play vinyl in '04 with my first production company, Traumatic Productions. I learned on U.K. Hardcore/HHC, and slowly transitioned to the dark side, Drum and Bass in '06. I got my first DJ gig with Beatdown Productions Oct. 28, 2011 at Forces of Evil.
"Embodying everything we stand for as Ravers, Val Dee continues to prove his undying devotion to this culture and craft." - Mikey Parkay
After 20 yrs in this scene I've learned a lot, and met so many people involved. I've hosted my own events, music festivals, and participated in the arrangement of others', be it sound or just in helping set up & breakdown. I've always loved the idea of being a part of something bigger than myself and bringing people together through music & dance!

Later Event: November 15
Big Moon 10 yr anniversary