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Elle Sera w/ Benny Mikula

Elle Sera w/ Benny Mikula

Sunday December 16th

Doors at 6:30pm Show at 7:30pm


Elle's convergence of grit and grace separates her from so many singer-songwriters of today.  She is pure emotion and intention.  All pouring out of a barely 5’ frame.  From her roots in CT to gaining a foothold in NYC, Elle Sera is known for her soul-jolting songs, striking lyrics, edgy melodies, and resounding rhythms.  On a lifelong mission to create a sense of unshakable solidarity with people worldwide by harnessing the infinite power of musical storytelling she is ever-branching out to reach new audiences and share her passion of music and the power of her voice.  Having toured locally in the U.S and internationally in Europe she’s making her way charming audiences with her raw honest performances and a voice that makes listeners take note and lean in closer.