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DeadPhish Orchestra

We are very happy to announceDeadPhish Orchestra's first show at The Acoustic. Come experience the seamless web of Phish & Dead to split open and melt your face. These guys know how to bring this music to life!! Door 8pm & Two Set starting at 9:30pm Tickets on sale now.

The DeadPhish Orchestra is a quartet of Colorado musicians who, above all, are close friends who have played music together for many years. They had played Grateful Dead songs together, and they had played Phish songs together. But they got to wondering what would happen if they tried to merge the music of these two bands, the Granddaddies and Daddies of the jamband scene.

While these two bands have their surface similarities, most fans realize that their actual musical styles are quite different. The Grateful Dead are an earthy, folky, bluesy ba...nd where Phish is sharper around the edges–funky and more aggressive. But both bands have an improvisational approach to their live shows, and it is in that spontaneity where the magic really happens.