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Baby Dynamite, The Royal Din!

Get ready for a Rock n' Soul Love Rollin' Throw Down! Stoked to have The Royal Din kickin' off the evenin'! 

Facebook Event Here! RSVP and see you on the dance floor...

Anyone who loves music will want to hear Baby Dynamite. Their explosive mix of Rock, Soul and Blues, as well as magnetic stage presence harkens back to the great rock bands of the 60’s & 70s. This band creates music that will truly lift your spirit and transcend your soul. Their live performances are nothing short of electrifying, summoning all the energy and power that Rock & Roll is supposed to be, hitting you in your gut, while subtly drawing out all the emotion that music has to offer. Baby Dynamite’s debut recording, set for release in the Spring of 2016 will showcase why interest in Blues infused Rock-n-Roll is expanding to music lovers of all ages.
Formed in 2015, Baby Dynamite has already had multiple successes in the music scene and has grown a substantial fan base. Their extensive backgrounds in music has prompted each member of Baby Dynamite to add their own unique style to the band’s overall sound. Each of the four members has had previous music successes and with their diverse pasts and extreme passion for music, Baby Dynamite strives to remain close to their roots while also making a unique and powerful statement.

The Royal Din began its journey in the Spring of 2012, as a duo formed by Connecicut favorites Lee-Ann Lovelace(vocals/guitar) and Jim McKeeman (guitar/vocals). The project grew slowly over the year, with trial gigs (under the name "The Mighty Kind") while the band's shape took form. The band's opulent mixture of guitar, hard-hitting drums, and jazz/funk/blues/rock/electronic amalgamations make a sound too unique to currently file under any known genre. It simply must be heard to understand, and Lee-Ann's energy and powerful vocals are riveting - the best way to experience this ever evolving group is to allow yourself to be captivated at a live show. They are a must-see!