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Cosmic Dust Bunnies, Great Blue

Cosmic Dust Bunnies create their New Wave-tronica sound with layers influenced from Rock, Reggae, Dub, Funk, and Pop to form an intimate bond with the audience. Matt Beckett's funky futuristic bass sounds, Eric Hyland's precise timing on the drums, Matt Dempsey's tasteful guitar licks, and Chris Sellas's keys/synths blend to complete their truly unique sound.

Great Blue is a Reggae Rock n' Funk group from Wilton, CT. Originating in High School, this quartet now plays many shows throughout the Northeast. Each show contains endless improvisation, a unique song list, and new surprises to keep the audience on their toes! Great Blue has recently released their third studio album, “Safety First.” It features brilliant hooks and groovy tunes spanning genres from reggae to psychedelia, country and more! Currently they are promoting their album and staying safe. Come out and join the Blue Crew!!