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Midnight Snack, Broca's Area, Jeremiah Tall

Midnight Snack is a musical family strung together by the ties of adventure and love. The band was founded by two brothers, who lit a spark, and found friendship in Boston, MA. In a cosmic fury of passion and opportunity, the band began telling the story of their adventures through musical performances and recordings. As the journey progressed, more songs came into existence, each one inflating their desire to dive deeper into art and love and the world. Their performances have taken them farther than they could have imagined. Midnight Snack is currently based out of Asheville, NC, where they work to forge their dream into reality.

Broca’s Area is a soul/hip-hop band based out of Hartford, CT comprised of five members whose goal is to create a vibe of original music for your mind and soul.

Inspired by an unwavering love for summers spent in the mountains, along with the tall tales from his youth, Jeremiah Tall is a one-man show based out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Tall's tales range from the struggles of finding your feet on an ever-changing landscape to fictional stories of cowboys and the common man’s battle with the devil. A hand painted suitcase converted into a kick drum provides a backbone to his own throwback spin on folk rock.