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Dan & The Wildfire, Nick Camillo & Freddy and the Yetis

A diverse night of great music with something for everyone.

Dan & The Wildfire

Folking awesome music. Dan and the Wildfire are a particularly potent cocktail comprised of 1 part old time mountain folk, 1 part classic rock and roll, and 3 parts bottom shelf bourbon. Mix it up and what you get is a musical experience that burns it’s way into your bones and lights up your soul with a crisp, rootsy sound that’ll leave you reeling for another taste of that Wildfire. This Boston based band was started by guitarist and singer-songwriter Dan Htoo-Levine in 2011 with trumpeter Thom Brennan and Keyboardist Matt Hines under the auspices of forging a softer, folk sound. After adding drummer Kyle Jenkins, however, their sound grew beyond the folk boundary but it wasn’t until bassist Sam Katz joined the band that the last piece of the Wildfire folk rock experience came into place. To date, Dan and the Wildfire have played all over New England, Washington D.C., out to Chicago and burned down every place in between. Their third studio album ‘Bull Moose’, to be released in the spring of 2015, is the next chapter in the evolution of the folk, rock experience. Their well received second album ‘Smoke Signals’ is available worldwide and follows their debut album, ‘Nothing, Anything, Everything’ released under the moniker ‘Dan HL’ in 2011.

Nick Camillo

Nick Camilo plays Acoustic / Folk / Rock

Freddy & The Yetis

Freddy and the Yetis are a Jam band with style. We hail from Northampton Mass. and are graduates with backgrounds from the music departments of U Mass. Amherst, Hampshire College & Westfield State. We draw our compositional style from artists like Frank Zappa & Phish, and bask in the Jazz and Rock sensibilities of artists ranging from Steely Dan to the Grateful Dead and Herbie Hancock to the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The Yetis have been playing festivals and clubs all over new England for the last two years. We just finished a recording session with our friend, Neal,"Fro" Evans, formerly of the band Dopapod.

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